Supporting LGBTQ+ post Pride Month

July 4th, 2021, Alex (they/them)


As I agreed to work with Monique for Pride, one of my first questions was “what will we do once June ends?” -- pride is a year-long issue, and a discussion we need to carry forward throughout the year. Our identity isn’t louder during pride month, it’s just a time where more people actually listen… and where some companies profit off of us. So I absolutely wanted this to be for the right reasons, and as we already had a good relationship, it only made sense to open more discussions together!

Monique welcomed my proposition with open arms and gave me the month to think of what made the most sense for the rest of the year. Going forward, I want us to collaborate with different queer people, and I want to chat with them, or fully give them the floor to talk about their relationship with lingerie and their ways of interpreting and engaging with their bodies through lingerie. It will take different forms depending on people’s preferences -- either videos, more blog posts, or even live chats! I’m so excited to start this and engage with more people about this subject that I’m still navigating and figuring out. So, June was about my relationship with lingerie, and now I want to open the conversation to uplift different voices of the community and discover their perspectives.

I am beyond excited to present to you the first person, and everyone to come.