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Sustainability is a pillar of the Monique Morin brand. Every decision we make is focused on reducing water and land pollution, fabric waste and carbon emission. Our collections are designed to be evergreen; from the quality of our materials, to the colors and unique designs, everything is carefully thought through to last and remain in style. No "fast fashion" here

Here are a few of the concrete actions taken

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Reducing land pollution by using material that biodegrades faster.  We were one of the first brands in the USA to integrate an innovative bio-based material into our elastic in 2019. We use EVO®, a highly renewable and biodegradable component from castor plants. We are now expanding our bio-based program to most of our collections for 2022. This bio-based material is currently part of our best selling collections Wild Lace and Vertigo.

Minimizing water pollution by choosing components and materials like modal, a plant-based fiber that requires the lowest amount of water in processing.

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Reducing waste on the front end by purchasing high quality leftover stock discarded by large companies. As our brand grows, we have developed our own exclusive material. Our largest initiative so far, the use of Reveprene® recycled fibers in the making of our laces; preconception leftovers refurbished into new fibers using low energy. For every 1lb of material 77,000 BT’s are conserved, the equivalent to 0.6 gallons of gasoline.

Using sustainable mailers. Our products ship using branded paper or poly mailers that are 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable.

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Lowering carbon emission by working with vendor communities. We manufacture our product abroad to achieve the highest quality of workmanship and materials that are not currently available in the USA.  We have centralized our sourcing operations around the sewing facilities, allowing for minimal transportation before import. This means all the materials, elastics and components are purchased local to where they will be sewn.

We would love to hear from you! Let us know ways we can improve to become more sustainable. Drop us a line at support@moniquemorinlingerie.com

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