"For decades, we asked people to have the perfect body to fit into ideal clothes. Obviously, it should be the other way around. We need well-made lingerie that enhances the body" - Monique Morin
Don't you feel like you can achieve anything you want when looking your best?
Monique Morin infuses a dynamic edge into lingerie and bodywear, using ethically sourced materials tailored to enhance bodies unique beauty. Embracing size inclusivity, our designs are not only visually striking but also boast meticulous 360-degree construction and adaptable fit. Crafted with the wearer in mind, our products are designed to ensure you look fabulous and feel confident from every angle.Monique Morin Products


Founder Monique Morin has over 18 years of experience working internationally as lead designer and product developer for brands like Free People, UniQlo, Gap Body, La Senza, Elita, Adore Me, Liberté and others. Learn more about our sharp founder Monique Morin on